Center Console Usb Cable Organizer for Model 3 & Y

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  • Quality materials:Otrifowd center threading box is made of high quality ABS material
  • Easy to install and remove:You don't need to rely on tools, just insert the center threading box diagonally into the center console and slide it right to the bottom
  • Perfect fit:Specially tailored for 2023-2021 model 3 and 2023-2019 model Y Perfectly fit the body without affecting the opening and closing of the center console to keep the interior beautiful
  • Essential Accessories:Putting it in your center storage box will manage your charging cables very well and keep them very organized and not look cluttered
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Unrivaled Heat Insulation

OEM Look

FullShade integrates into the car roof perfectly with a nice appearance and a perfect fit. The frame body is curved to match the roof shape. No sag, blends flawlessly.




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