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Model: Model Y (2020-2024)
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  • 【Efficient Thermal Insulation with UV Protection】Ice crystal double-layer fabric provides superior thermal insulation and blocks UV rays more effectively compared to regular fabrics. Protecting your interior electronics with a quality Tesla roof sunshade is a must during the summer heat.
  • 【Magnetic Snap - Extremely Easy to Use】We have designed a magnetic snap for effortless installation and lifelong usage. Simply give sunshade a gentle push, and the Tesla sunshade will securely attach to the glass roof without the need for repeated buckle installation. 
  • 【Perfect Fit for Tesla Model Y/3】The Tesla sunshade seamlessly integrates with the glass roof and looks like it came straight from the Tesla. The color of the Magshade matches the interior, giving it an OEM look. Our upgraded separate sunshade design conforms effortlessly defying sagging. Note: Highland Model 3 please purchase Magshade 2024 version.
  • 【Super Easy Folding and Storage】Thanks to the lighter and more flexible framework of Magshade, we can effortlessly fold and unfold the roof sunshade in one second, much easier to store as well.
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Tesla Model Y & 3

Why Choose MagShade?

Magnetic Snap, Effortless Using

No more hassle of installing clips for your sunshade each time. Our magnetic attachment method lets you effortlessly install or remove it in just one second. Enjoy the convenience of reusing the sunshade all summer with clips that only need to be installed once.

Excellent Blocking Sunlight

By utilizing a double-layer ice crystal fabric, it provides superior UV resistance and heat insulation, effectively shielding you from the discomfort of direct sunlight.

Use Worry-free, Drive Safely

With powerful magnetic attraction, the magshade will be keep in place during bumpy roads. We've conducted thorough drop tests on rough roads, no worries about falling.

Rapid Folding, Super Easy Storage

We've opted for a highly resilient material for the frame, allowing it to collapse instantly with a gentle downward fold. This not only saves you time and effort, but also ensures safe handling with minimal physical exertion. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of storage!

How to Install MagShade?


OtriFowd Sunshade

MagShade for Model Y

MagShade for Model 3

FullShade 1.0 for Model Y

Heat Insulation Material

Ice Crystal Double-layer Material

Honeycomb Aluminum Foil and High-molecular PET




Bonding Method for Material and Frame


Strong Adhesives


Magnetic Snap


Sunshade Area



What they say about MagShade?


Absolutely essential for driving a Tesla in Texas summers

I've been generally impressed with the heat resistance of the glass roof of my Model 3. However, we're talking about Texas summers here, and 'heat resistance' doesn't do a ton of good when you're talking consistent exposure and glass in the same sentence. That's why you absolutely must have something like this to help mitigate that heat build-up in the cabin...if not for reasons of ensuring you stay comfortable, then because you're going to extend your battery life and range by avoiding having to blast the AC.

The shade fits both the M3 and MY. In addition to the magnetic clips for both setups (1 extra for the M3), it comes with two shades (front and back), a carrying case, and a tool for pushing down the interior pieces. so you can maneuver the clips in.

Getting the clips in was the most difficult part, as it's a little nerve-wracking to use the tool. You can't help but feel like you might damage the interior when doing this. However, it worked out fine and I was able to get them all in about 15 minutes (again, that was me being careful...I'm sure you could do it faster if you weren't paranoid...) after that was done, I unfolded the shades and was able to easily get them into their proper place. they lock into place with the magnets and actually look like a part of the vehicle. The side of the shades that face outside have some silver backing on them, helping to reflect the light and heat back out. It's a really nice, simple, elegant setup, and very much worth the small amount you pay.

Not a Scientist

Great evolution to a product

This is a review of Model Y Sunshade roof with magshade technology. I have previously owned a version of tesla MY sunshade that I removed after summer was over. My old one has 2 layers of cover being that the outer layer is a removable reflective cover and the inside was a flexible fabric in flexible metallic frame that is secured by 8-10 clips to the inside trim and 2 clips to keep them both together. This one has a fabric material but the outside layer appears to look like it has silver dots. I guess it is fabric that the middle layer that they claimed as cooling fabrics shows as dots. It also has a metallic frame that is foldable and easy to store. Its best feature is that it has 6 magnetic clips that makes removal and installation a breeze. I am able to remove them, fold them and store it to its included bag in as little as 1 minute. I was planning to buy the retractable one but for 5x the price, I will choose this item as the retractable sun shade takes some extra space out of your roof reducing the beauty that this car is giving you. I was a bit worried that it will fall during driving but it did not and was able to stay even in freeway speeds. The material completely blocks the sky and the car feels colder but I can't completely tell until summer comes. It does not come with any clip to connect the front and back so its border has some light that leaks and worse in both corners as the end are rounded and does not cover both edges where they meet. They can probably improve the design by integrating magnets where they touch in the future. In the mean time this solved my problem with my old sunroof shade. Highly recommended.

Joshua A.

High quality!

This collapsible sunshade is on par with Tesla's quality standards. The magnets function effectively, facilitating easy assembly and disassembly of the shades. Additionally, it includes a storage bag for your convenience. I'm confident you'll be pleased with it.

Stephanie Sullivan

Magnetic Clips Hold Well, Hard To Insert, Perfect Fit, Includes Pry Tool

This roof shade made me work to get it installed, but now that it’s there I love the magnetic clips for easy shade install/removal. The clips are quite hard to get into place even with the included pry tool. The convenience of the magnets do make this worth the work.

The shade looks perfect when installed blending with the interior of my Model Y. The magnetic clips make installation and removal faster and way better than the plastic clips on my previous one. Those would pop out with every installation and removal some get lost. Not so with this shade!

The roof shade comes in a zipper carrying case that fits the folded up shades better than others I’ve tried. These shades collapse in a way I seem to understand which is exceptional.

In my Model Y Roof shades like this are essential during the summer. They help keep the in-car heat under control. With the windows cracked and this shade my car gets hot, but not unbearably so with this important accessory.

I debated whether this shade is 4 or 5 stars because of the difficult installation. The magnetic clips are such an improvement over my old shade I think this still rates 5 stars even with the tough install.

Keith Rule

It works

I drove a couple hundred miles this weekend with the shade in place. It didn't rattle or make any noise. This included driving some very bumpy country roads. So, it performed better than I expected, given that one of the clips was not securely inserted because of gaps in the fabric around the roof.

[Original Review]
I just installed the shade in my new 2024 Model Y.

The first thing to know is the shade works. It's a two-piece folding shade (sort of like the collapsible shades you sometimes see for the front windshield). There are 6 magnetic clips that you insert into the fabric lining around the window. The installation is easy, but there are no instructions in the box, and if you watch the video associated with this product, there is 1 frame that shows the clip inserted correctly.

The shade doesn't require exact positioning of the clips. In my case, 5 clips went in nice and tight, and one was very loose. I suspect this is just a natural variation in the car, but I hope the clip doesn't rattle when driving because of it.

Getting the shade up once the clips are in place is harder than expected. Two people are required to make this a fast process.

At this point, I'm skeptical that the shade will have more value than hassle. I will amend this review once I've had it out on a drive to see if it rattles when in place. I have a feeling that it might.

Impressions & Observations

The Magnets are Awesome and SOOO Convenient!

My wife and I recently completed our first camping adventure in our new Model Y, and this roof cover proved essential for our camping setup. We parked overnight in a Rest Stop parking lot in Maryland, and the overhead parking lots were quite bright… but these shades blocked the light from coming in, providing a nice dark setting for us while we slept, and provided privacy from any potential passerby. Installation was a breeze. I was worried that the magnets would be difficult to install, as I noticed that they provide a little tool to assist with this step. We found that the magnets actually just snapped right into place without even needing the tool. The tool is convenient to help pry the lip down a tiny bit to snap the magnet into place, but it is absolutely possible to install them without it. Installing all 6 magnets took less than 2 minutes. After that, just unfold the shades and raise them into place… the magnets grab the rims of the shade and hold it in place perfectly! Each shade is labeled either front or back, and also tells you which side faces up and which side faces down. When finished, they very easily fold back down and hold their folded shape while you tuck them into their storage bag. Great product… highly recommended and so much easier than the versions that require you to slide the shade into clips in order to hold it up (which cost just as much). The magnets are a game changer and are so much more convenient. Trust me… this is the version you want!


Easily to take on and off anytime

The clips were hard to install because the gap is tight. Once the clips are on, you can just leave them in there even when the shades are not installed. But once the clips are on, the shade is very easy to put on and holds strong to the magnetic. It’s nice that the whole strip is magnetic so the clips can be placed anywhere. The color matches the interior. I really like the magshade. One thing I wish it had was magnet between the two shades.

Steve Garfield

These are good sunshades.

These are good sunshades. The little magnet supports easily slide into the side of the roof liner. The magnets face out and easily hold up the sun shades in place. I like that you can use them as needed and when you don’t need them you can put them in their carry bag and store them in the trunk. On my 2024 MYLR Black Model Y the color matches the roof liner.

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