Fullshade 3.0 -- Retractable Roof Sunshade for Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model Y Accessories

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  • 【Retractable Full Coverage Sunshade】Unlike traditional roof sunshade, FullShade allows users to open or close anywhere and anytime. You will never need to deal with setup and removal in everyday driving. Experience complete roof coverage at your fingertips with the simple and smart retractable design.
  • 【Block Sunlight & Reduce Heat Transfer】The newly upgraded double-layer honeycomb structure fabric is made of PET molecular material combined with aluminum foil. Together, they make the curtain strong and stable, achieving 100% sunlight blockout and 85% less heat transfer. we believe it is the best solution on the market for sun protection and heat insulation.
  • 【Easy Installation & Damage-free with FullShade 3.0】Say goodbye to the hassle! Unlike its predecessors, the 3.0 version introduces a new installation method, eliminating the need for adhesives or Velcro. With a physical snap-on design, it's a breeze to install and remove. With a simple 'click,' our Sunshade swiftly secures onto the roof.
  • 【Easily retractable anytime and anywhere】FullShade 3.0 adds an extra layer of convenience with magnetic closure, ensuring a tight and gap-free seal for both front and rear curtains. Moreover, the ergonomic design considers the human factor, providing a comfortable 3/7 ratio that enhances the overall driving experience. Once set up, you can open or close it and decide how much sunlight to let in. It will no longer be an all-or-nothing game!
  • 【Finely Integrated into the Car Roof】FullShade integrates into the car roof perfectly with a nice appearance and a perfect fit. The frame body is curved to match the roof shape, so it does not sag like traditional fabric shades. Seamless Integration, OEM Look, Blends flawlessly.
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What is FullShade?

FullShade is retractable

Enjoy sunlight or block it out whenever you want.You can easily open or close the sunshade, giving you complete control over your driving experience.

With FullShade, you'll have complete control over the amount of glass exposure - no longer limited to just 100% or 0%.

Stop Your Head from Frying

With its"honeycomb aluminum foil and high-molecular PET material", it effectively blocks infrared rays and provides 100% UV blocking.

With a temperature difference of up to 35°F (5°F for competitors), FullShade effectively prevents battery drain caused by car overheating.

OEM Look

FullShade integrates into the car roof perfectly with a nice appearance. The hexagonal structure keeps its shape and prevents sagging. The middle layer efficiently absorbs heat, keeping the car cool and comfortable.

What We Upgrade?

Seamless Intergration

Occupying Less Space

Easier Installation

Say goodbye to the hassle! Unlike its predecessors, the 3.0 version introduces a easier installation whose process is about 15 mins.